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Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Me:

1) Will you send more pictures or videos of yourself?

Sure, I have a free video available the members and you can see over 16,000 pictures and downloadable video clips of me in my members section.

2) Where do you go to school/What is you major?
Sorry, I take my privacy very seriously. Nobody outside of the club knows about my site and I'd rather they not found out via. I can't have everybody at my school harassing me because I'm an adult model/webmistress. I hope you understand.

3) Where can I see you dance?
Unfortunately you can't anymore. I retired from dancing in December of 2000 to work on my websites.

4) Is that really you answering the Email?
Yes, when I danced several of the sites members visited and "grilled" me at work to verify that it is really me answering the Emails and writing the site. You can inquire on the forum in the Members Section.

5) Do you do this site yourself?
Yes. With a little assistance from friends when I need it.

6) Can I see you sometime for lunch/dinner?
Sorry No:-) While I'm a very friendly person you can see how that kind of thing might not be very safe. I am going to try to hold parties for my members periodically so they can meet me in person but unfortunately given all the crazies about there that's as much as I can do.

7) Do you do escort work?
No I do not.

8) Will you be my pen pal?
No. I feel bad about this a lot of the the guys who write me are really nice but I barely have the time to respond to most of my E-mail as it is. Sorry, but much as I would like to I don't really have the time to exchange correspondence on a regular basis.


If this didn't answer your questions you can Email me.
Please keep in mind I get a lot of Email so I might not be able to write back.

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